Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand


For the last couple of years Scott has been keeping his head down and keeping busy whilst focusing on his possible release on parole at some time towards the end of 2014.

Last year as each television series came and went Scott would say to his family "Well thats the last I'm a Celebrity / Big Brother / Britain's Got Talent etc that I shall watch whilst in prison"

He phoned his family on Christmas Day full of plans for the following Christmas when he would be amongst them for the first time in ten years.

This focus has been what has got him and his family through the last couple of years.  This was all dependant though on His Highness The King of Thailand awarding an Amnesty to prisoners serving a Thai sentence on the occasion of his Birthday on the 5th December 2013.

After many tense weeks waiting on news of an Amnesty it became apparent mid way through January 2014 that this had not happened - no Amnesty had been given at the begining of December.

There was never any guarentee that this would happen and as often as Scott and his family reminded each other of this it was still the one hope that they clung to - especially Scott.

Scott has now served just over nine years of his Thai sentence, in November he will have served five of those years in the UK.

The way things stand at the moment the very earliest that Scott could look at early release on parole would be mid 2016.  Another two years at least.

Scott remains at HMP Full Sutton near York, a high security prison.

Despite this he remains positive and in good spirits.  He thanks you for your continued support and still loves to hear from you.

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