Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

September 2012

HMP Full Sutton - York

As you can see I have been moved to HMP Full Sutton near York, it sometimes feels as though someone somehwere is still having a joke on me and thinks that I need to be in a Catagory A prison for 6.5gms of drugs!

I've also just received a reduction to my sentance again.  Last month, on 12th August, it was the Queen's Birthday in Thailand and an Amnesty was given to many people in Thai prisons.  Although I am now in a Bristish prison I am still serving my Thai sentence so am eligible if an Amnesty is given in Thailand.

I am waiting for official confirmation of the reduction to my sentence but I'm 90% sure that in real terms it will mean that I could possibly be released (on licence) at the end of 2014!!

At the moment I'm just looking to get to the New Year and be able to use the words I've been dreaming of saying for so long "I'm out next year!!"  Even just writing these words has me smiling.

People often say that lifes a roller coaster ride, for me these last seven and a half years really have been just that, for my family also.  Since all of this started I've never been so close to be able to dare start thinking about plans for my release . . .  it's a nice feeling :)

I'll be thirty-nine, it's said that life begins at forty - I certainly hope so much that this is true for me!

I'd like to say a big thanks you once again for all of your support over the years which has helped me more than you will know.  Not just for me but for my family as well.

Roll on the New Year so that I can finally say aloud "I'm out next year!!"


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