Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

March 2012

I'm afraid its been a while since I last updated you. Sorry. Many of you have written or sent a message and I have not replied. Again I'm truly sorry for this.

For nearly five years in Thai prisons my focus was on getting home, back to a UK prison.  Everything would be OK then.  In truth its been harder than I could have imagined.

I'm now getting back on track and owe it to everyone who has supported me over the years not to let this beat me and if I'm honest it nearly did.  As I said I'm now getting back on track and promise not to leave it for so long again!

Publicly my family and me have been quiet but in the background I've now put my case forward to every court in the land with not one of them willing to hear my case and each of them saying that I do not have a case for early release.

Fighting my case completely took over my life and was the main reason for me ending up in a very dark place.  Fighting too hard and not getting anywhere was making myself and my family unhappy, it was so very hard for them to see me in that dark place.  I have now accepted my sentence fully and am now moving on and putting all of my efforts into making my life easier for myself on release - it will happen one day.

I am still serving my Thai sentence so am still eligible for Royal Amnesty's should they be given.  In December 2011 the Thai King gave an Amnesty for his Birthday and I received a reduction of one year for every six years of my sentence.  With the way that it is worked out that should take me down to summer 2017, I'm just waiting for the confirmation paperwork to be completed in Thailand so that the reduction can then be applied to my sentence here.  Another five years to serve.

I have said before that I left school without any qualifications so I am now making up for lost time and putting this time to good use and will be making sure that I will be leaving here with qualifications.

I'm still very much in touch with Urai.  My family had planned to bring her to England in December 2011 for a months holiday, her flights were all booked and paid for, all of the arrangements had been in place for months only for her Visa applications for entry into the UK to be refused three times before time ran out a few days before she was due to fly.  This was such a kick in the teeth and heartbreaking for both myself and Urai.  Its now been two and a half years since I last saw her.  I am able to phone her and speak to her every now and then and we write but her coming over here for Christmas was a present from my family which sadly didn't work out for us.  It will happen one day.

I'm now starting my eighth year in prison for 6.7 grams of Class B drugs.  In the end this will have cost me around twelve years in prison and my family many sleepless nights and thousands of pounds.

To anyone who's now starting on a similar journey I'm sorry but you're all going to have to stay strong to get through as best you can.  There is no right or wrong way for the prisoner or the family, just all stay strong for each other.

Everyone who over the years have sent parcels, letters and taken the time to visit me have all helped me to get where I am today and I could never thank you enough.  Unfortunately there will always be someone like myself in a foreign prison cell so if you have half a day to spare you could make all the difference to that person's life.

After Bangkwang this is another world and about as good as it can get at the moment.  I have always told myself that something good will come out of this and still firmly believe this. 

I'm not allowed to write too much about my everyday life now.  Last year I had a great chance to tell my story with Banged Up Abroad approaching me and wanting to do my story but this was not allowed.  I understand and accept this.  One day I'll be able to tell my story in full and hope more than anything that in schools, colleges, youth groups. uni's etc it can be used to serve as a warning that you don't have to be carrying a case full of Class A drugs to receivce a long sentence.  That it can happen to you - trust me on that one!

I do have a life and future to look forward to after all of this and thats down to Urai, my amazing family and friends and all who have supported me.  I started off by saying that I'm sorry for the long silence and for not replying.  I'm smiling again and am back to my old self and would welcome letters, e-mails or Facebook messages which are still printed off weekly and mailed to me.  It would be great to catch up and hear what you are up to and I promise that I will reply.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon