Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Supporting Scott - August 2010 Update

Whilst I was in Thailand I had great support from all around the world, just a small message via Facebook could put a smile on my face which would last for days.  Letters, parcels and money sent was all a big help to both myself and my family and without such support I know that things would have been a lot different for me.  You will never know how much it was appreciated .... thank you.

Some of you still kindly write and ask what I would like sending in a parcel etc or if there is anything I need.  Things are a lot easier here for me in that respect but help is always appreciated, again not only by me but my family also who have given total support for nearly six years now. 

Parcels can not be accepted here so please do not send them.  Everything has to be bought from within the prison so money is the only form of support which I can accept.  Please, I don't want anyone to feel that they need to send money, I am only letting you know this because many of you ask in letters and I've had one parcel which has had to be returned to the kind sender.

My main expense is phone calls, especially the international ones.  If you still wanted to help the best way is by sending a Postal Order made payable to the Governor along with a note saying that it is intended for me - Hurford FX6742 - and sent in an envelope addressed to me.

If you wanted to send some postage stamps along with your letter thay are also a big help and greatly appreciated, I get many letters from overseas and replying can cost quite abit.

As I have said please don't feel that you need to do this.  I am happy and enjoy replying to all letters and look forward to them continuing.

Thank you


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