Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

I Thank You All

Whilst spending almost five years in Thai prisons I've been lucky enough to have had great support and I know that without this support things would have been very different for me.

From the very start my family have all stood by me, they know what I think about them and I couldn't have done it without them.  It wasn't just my family who got me through but also friends from home and all of the new friends I have got to know because of this web site, Facebook profile and support group.

My web site was started as a way of keeping family and friends updated about what was happening and just grew from there.  Because of it I've met some great people and seen a side to human kindness that I didn't know existed, this has opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking which I hope stays with me for life.

I'm going to try and thank as many people as I can, please if you have written or visited and I have not mentioned you I am sorry, as I sit here writing this I know that I have forgotten someone ... 

So here goes!

My first vistor after being arrested was Glen, a man from Australia, who was living in Sakaeo with his Thai wife; retired and just enjoying the relaxed way of life in Thailand.  He heard on the local grapevine that a Westerner was in the local prison, the only Westerner, and at the age of seventy came to visit me with food etc.  In the six months of knowing him he came most months and also helped my family on their first visits to the prison.  A great bloke and my first taste of the human kindness which I am talking about and would see many times over in the next four years and eight months.  Thank you Glen for all that you have done.

To my Pen-friends who have continued to not only write but also send some much appreciated parcels:

Angela from Wigan, Marlen from Sweden, Stevie D and Kev P from Hartlepool, my stalker who send photo's :) and parcels but does not include a name or address, Allison L from Hartlepool a great friend and there from the start, Shaun W from South Africa for football updates including Boston Utd!, Tony R from Scotland, Deborah C for letters and Horlicks, Darren D for your letters and home comforts from Hau Hin, Julie H for the best ever jokes from Australia, Paula W also from Australia for your letters and a very special Birthday hamper, Simon O for your friendship, support and advice and Rowland for writing, visiting, bringing me an amazing hamper on a Christmas Day visit, taking care of my family on their visits .... for you Rowland the list is endless - thank you.

To my visitors who have kept in touch - it was great to meet you and thanks for taking time out of your holiday to visit:

Gal my 'Russian Prostitute' :) it was great to meet you and you are better than the person who called you that!

Paula from Holland it was good to have met you.

Sarah W from London who visited twice and also took time to look into my case and helped explain the legal side of things to my family - cheers Sarah.

Neil F, reporter/journalist - it was a gereat visit and thank you for the cigarettes, hope your books doing well and hope to see you soon!

Marie, now living in Italy, who visited me many times with lots of food - a great lady with a big heart. x

Tom and Terje from Norway, two great lads who always came with lots of food and who are still visiting others in Bangkwang - thank you and nice work lads.

Collan and friends from Sweden - Collan is a great Swedish blonde and always made my day visiting with her friends bringing with them lots of food and good chat.  Another great lady with a big heart - big kiss to you and your girls x

Rachel in Bangkok who also comes from my local area at home and really looked out for my Mum, John and Seana.  I know that Rachel and Seana get on well and sent a great parcel for my Birthday.  The best of a bad lot!! x

Helen and Brin - it was good to meet you and looking forward to seeing you both again, a great couple.

Tony and Shell good friends from back home who took a detour on their honeymoon to visit me two days after coming out of Solitary - incredible timing!

Toria R a fantastic girl from home who I had not met before - I enjoyed meeting you and will for sure buy you a beer once I am free!

I was so very lucky to receive many more visits and I could go on, I'm sorry if I've not mentioned you but I just wanted to give a taste of the kindness shown to me by friends and strangers who became friends.  Thank you all x.

I'd like to say a BIG thank you to my Aunt Vonny who has always stood by me, not just during this but always, whatever the problem x.

To my cousin Paul who turned up at Bangkwnag one day after not seeing each other for years - nice one Paul.

To Mum's friends and work colleagues who have supported her especially over the last eighteen months.  Thank you x.

To both sides of my Family, I don't need to write ... we all know what we mean to each other and I couldn't have done it without you x.

To my friends on Facebook, it has been a great tool for getting messages and brilliant to get back in touch with old school mates and friends in both Spalding and Boston.  My big brown envelope each week containing your messages, status updates etc was a big help in doing my time.  As I have said before I could write pages but I think you will all know where I am coming from.  A Big thank you to you all, I couldn't have done it without you x.

Tha same Big thank you goes to members of my support group on Facebook - Bring Scott Hurford Home - who have written, signed my Petition and raised awareness about me.  Thank you all x.

I've still a long way to go, I may be home but my release date is 11th November 2020!!  I'll write more about that soon!  So please keep the letters, e-mails and messages coming, it really does help, I enjoy keeping up with you, replying and hearing about life on the outside.

Thank you all - I couldn't have done it without you.


PS.  There are four amazing ladies in my life and without their love and support I would not have survived.  I think most of you know them or have had contact with them so you'll know what I'm talking about.  So the next time you talk to them, e-mail or send a message please give them a pat on the back - they are four amazing ladies who I think the world of:



Scott xxxx

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