Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

I'm Home!!!!!

On 11th November 2009 I was escorted by UK prison staff back to London after spending four years and eight months in Thai prisons.

As I write I have been back for one day, it's still to sink in what has happened so please bear with me. 

I've lots to update over the next few weeks - my last family visit, receiving the news that I was going home, my actual transfer and my UK prison.  I'll do this as soon as I can but I just wanted to share my good news ASAP.

Everyone of you who has written, sent parcels or visited me in Bangkwang have all helped me to do my time in Thailand for the last four years and eight months and I can never thank you enough.  I'll also be catching up with messages, letters and e-mails over the next few weeks to say a big personal thank you ... you are all in my heart.  As I have said its all still sinking in!

I'll be seeing my Mum in the next week with the biggest of smiles on my face.  The last four years and eight months are not only over for me but for my family too, especially my Mum.  I've still got a long time left to serve but the first major step is over - I'm out of Bangkwang Prison!

It's cold outside but I feel very warm inside.

Please feel free to carry on writing letters, e-mails or messages, as I have said I still have a long way to go and your support really does help, I got to know and have met some great people from all over the world and long may it carry on.

Thank you each and everyone of you - I'm home for Christmas!

Love Scott x

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