Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

 Everybody Has Gone Home!

May 2009

As you will have read in my last update about this years Contact Visits these last three weeks have been some of my best weeks in four and a half years. Seana staying for that extra week just topped it off. That last week was great but also sad with us both knowing that the week was coming to an end.

Yesterday (7th May) was our last visit.  We both kept trying to smile and keep it good but it was all a show, underneath it was hurting.  When the bell went for the close of the phone lines Seana's tears could no longer be held back, it was a kick in the heart watching her cry.  I just had to leave the area and fast.  It's times like this that are the hardest, not being able to hold her and say goodbye,  With Mum I got that chance this year, we had a Contact Visit on her last day which was great and after everything she has been through it was what was needed .... to leave with a hug.  Seana and I did not get that chance but with some luck I'll be home by the end of the year and we can have as many hugs as we can fit into a visit.

I can't put into words what it's like after three weeks of seeing everyone I love and then be back into prison life.  For three weeks it has been like a holiday for me as well with visits everyday, eating all of my favourite foods - cheesecake being the real treat!  Bacon, egg and beans!!  Cornflakes for breakfast!!  For three weeks it has felt like I have not been in prison but on holiday.

But today reality hits and I am back in Bang Kwang and for the next few days will just be sat in my chair thinking about the last three weeks.  Seana was able to give me the biggest present anyone could have done before she left and that was the news that on Tuesday Mum had been for a check up with her consultant who was pleased with her progress so far.  Fingers crossed!!

I have now served my four years required and have signed my transfer papers and as I have said hope to be back in England by the end of the year.  I can't wait, not just for the better living conditions but for Contact Visits which I will get once a week instead of once a year.  I'll have that amazing feeling which I have had for the last three weeks every week, it'll be like winning the lottery!!

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages via my Facebook support group whist Seana has been here, it really does give me a lift.  My Facebook profile page has also been great for me with people who I have known over the years and old school mates getting in touch again,  it's great to see how all of our lives have changed.  It's also good to get to know my new friends as well.

A BIG thank you to all of you who follow my web site for your support and showing an interest in my story so far.  It means a lot when you get in touch. 

When I do return to England I will still be serving my Thai sentence until at least 2020 which is my earliest possible date for release.  I am still hoping to be granted a Royal Pardon by the King of Thailand but I am going to need more support for this.  When my online petition was started we were hoping to have 1,000 signatures of support, I am staggered to learn that nearly 2,000 people have now signed it which is great but without being greedy 3,000 signatures would really help my Pardon application.  I have also been stunned to learn that you read and follow my story from all over the world, could I ask if you would please tell your family and friends about my story and my online petition, if each of you were able to pass it onto just one more person and they were able to tell their family and friends as well we could soon get there.  It will be my birthday on 16th June and I'll be thirty-four, this all started when I was twenty-nine.  If we could reach 3,000 signatures it would be the best birthday present ever, I hope you are able to help.

Thank you again and take care


By clicking onto the following link you will be taken directly to Scott's online petition.  It takes just a couple of moments to add your signature and if you prefer can sign so that your name appears as annonymous.  Thank you, this really does mean a lot to Scott and his family. 


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