Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

2009 So Far

This year has been filled with so many ups and downs and its only April!!

I'd better start at the begining ...

On the 1st December 2008 I was put into solitary confinement for two months.  When I say solitary confinement I do mean solitary, the door wasn't opened once for sixty days.  Two meals a day were pushed through a hatch in the door, prison issue meals of fish head soup and rice.  I tried holding out from eating it for about three days before hunger got the better of me.  The cell was only just big enough to lie down in, 6ft x 4ft, with a trough of water for washing.  It may not sound hard but you stay in your bedroom for five days, then think about doing it for sixty days.  Thinking sixteen hours a day about my life and whoever  knows how many more years of this ....  It takes it's toll believe me.  No mail, no visits, no parcels and to top it off it was also Christmas which had me thinking even more about my family back home.

I'm starting to get mail asking if my Christmas parcel was OK. I'm sorry to say that they did not get through to me but thank you very much for thinking of me and sending them, someone here had a better Christmas because of them.

I was let out of solitary on 1st February 2009 and was moved to Building No: 3. Things started to get better with a visit from good friends Tony & Shell who were here in Thailand on their honeymoon. I had three great days with them. I then had a visit from five wonderful Swedish ladies from Singapore which was great - as I said things were looking up!

March soon came round and I had served the required four years in a Thai prison and was able to sign the papers for a transfer to an English prison. I am hoping this will happen within the next six months. I also had a letter from Seana telling me that she had booked to come out for the Contact Visits in April - I started to walk around with a smile on my face again. Seana was coming across in April and I was hoping to be home by the end of the year, I was as happy as I could be in a Thai prison.

I then received the worst news ever in the middle of March.  My Mum has been fighting breast cancer for eight months.  My family kept this from me knowing how much this was going to hurt.  I cried for days, it's my worst nightmare come true that one of my family would fall ill whilst I am doing this sentence.  My Mum has had a mastectomy, chemo and radiation treatment.  She has lost her hair.

A week after learning about my Mum I received the news that a great friend and supporter of more than three years, Gav Mann, had died in a road traffic accident in Pattaya, Thailand.  Again I cried, what else was going to go wrong ...

Things are looking up again now with the news that my Mum and John, my Step-Dad, will be coming with Seana for the Contact Visits after Mum has been given the OK to fly.

If you are waiting for a reply please bear with me, I will get back to you soon, but as you can see it's been a hard start to the year and it's only April!!  But don't worry, I've said it before and I'll say it again - I won't be beaten no matter what comes my way.  I'll be home one day with the biggest of smiles.

Take care and thank you for your continued support, it really does help.


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