Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

The Worst News Ever

Once I was sentenced, and it became clear to me that I would not be going home for years, the one thing I prayed for was that all of my family kept fit and strong and would all be waiting for me for when I did finally get home again.

On the 1st March I received the worst news that anyone could have given to me.  My worst nightmare had come true, even harder that being given a thirty year prison sentence.  If I could swap that news for another thirty year sentence I would, without a second thought.

For eight months my family had chosen to keep the news from me that my Mum was fighting breast cancer.  She has had a mastectomy, chemo therapy and radiation treatment.  So for the last eigth months whilst listening to me going on about my problems she's been fighting cancer, what a truely amazing lady and Mother.

The night I found out I'll admit to crying all night and am still finding it hard to accept, but I know my Mum's a fighter and I know she won't be beaten.  So to everyone who has been waiting for a reply to an e-mail, message or letter I hope you understand.  I've started to get my head around it and I have learned that I'll be seeing my Mum in April for the Contact Visits.

In time I'll write more about it all.  This is just one more thing sent to test us as a family and we will not be beaten.  I love my Mum more than anything or anyone.  Soon somebody must see that thirty years is a very high price to pay for my actions, not only by me but by my Mum too.

We need to be together at a time like this!


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