Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Mr Gavin Mann

After I was sentenced a friend placed an advert in the Pattaya Mail on my behalf asking for pen-pals.  I was amazed to receive over thirty replies.  This was three years ago and during this time I have become very good friends with two of the people who replied, Rowland and Gav.

I have never met Gav but he has supported me as a true friend.  He mentioned me on a Hartlepool United web site, Blue Order, which alone helped to add more than one hundred signatures of support to my online petition.  He would collect British newspapers from around Pattaya and send them into me along with food parcels.  He would cheer me up with stories of his football weekends, nights out in both Pattaya and back home, his trip to Laos and Christmas spent at home with his young daughter.  Every month, without fail, for the last three years I have received something from him.  A great bloke with a very big heart.

I was shocked and saddened to hear the tragic news of his death in an accident in Pattaya on 15th March.  He had only just returned after being at home for a while.  He has also looked out for my two brothers whilst they have been visiting me and spending time in Pattaya, they both had a great time with him.  We often wrote about the day when I'd be able to have a night out with him as well.  Sadly that won't happen now.

My brother Lloyd with Gav on the right - October 2007

I'll never forget Gav for all of his help and support, he became more than a pen-friend.  I am so very sorry for all of Gav's family and friend's, we've been lucky to have had such a great bloke with a big heart in our lives.



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