Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

My Travel Advice

This winter many of you will be back packing in South East Asia.  Others will be getting away from the cold, wet winter and heading for the sun for a while after saving and planning all year.

Some of you will be heading to the beach parties or clubs and that's all good but don't think about playing with drugs here in Thailand.  Don't even think about buying them from a Thai thinking it's OK, not even the beautiful girl who declares her undying love for you.

Back at home, for some, part of going out to parties and clubs is getting wasted.  In Thailand it isn't worth even thinking about it.

If you need a little more convincing look at my story ... it's a small line and if you cross it you need to be aware of what's going to happen to you - and trust me it will happen to you!

When you are caught you will need to contact your Consular staff straight away.  You will certainly need a lawyer, shop around.  By shopping around you'll be able to find out about them all and the different prices they charge.  Beware of bogus lawyers and don't part with any money until he's done what he's said he'll do.  You will have eighty-two days to make up your mind.   Yes, you read that right eighty-two days ...

During this time you'll be remanded for twelve days at a time before being released or charged.

You do not have to be involved with large quantities of drugs to be given a sentence ranging from twenty-five years to life - and here life does mean life.

When you are imprisoned it will hit you very hard for the first six months - if you can make it to here you should then be able to cope with anything thrown at you.

You will find out now just how important your family are to you - their love and support is what helps you to get through.  They are going to be hurt, frightened and confused and although free to come and go they will also be serving your sentence with you.  Their lives will never be the same again and their finances are about to take a long term beating.

You have just got to do your twenty-five or so years before you return to the real world.

If you or a member of your family are going through this my family would be more than happy to help or just talk to you.  You can contact them on my e-mail address:


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