Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

My Thoughts Today - 7th October 2008

I will start by saying that at no stage throughout all of this have I said that I should not be here in Bangkwang.  But was my crime really worth the thirty year sentence given to me?  If I am able to transfer back to the UK it still looks as though it is going to cost me fifteen years of my life.

I receive newspapers sent from England and I read about murderers, rapists etc and even large scale drug offenders - they don't seem to get 30 years.  You could say that my crime was committed in Thailand but does that still make it right?  Yes I made a big mistake but I can't accept thirty years being taken from me.

This sentence is also being served by my family, Seana and my friends.  It costs a lot of money to keep me here - when will it end for them? 

In March 2009 I will have served four years of my sentence and so will be able to apply for a transfer home - to be able to sleep in a bed and take a hot shower for the first time in four years.  Thailand isn't a third world country but the jails are.

The time I will spend in an English jail has just been upped by two years!!  At the moment my sentence stands at twenty six years and eight months following the Amnesty given by the King last December.  Before I would have returned with this sentence which would have then been halved - thirteen years and four months to be served.  Now because of the change the four years I have already served here is deducted first leaving a sentence remaining of twenty two years and eigth months.  That is then halved to leave a sentence of eleven years and four months.  A jump of two years!

When will it stop.

So I will be serving eleven years and four months on my return before I am allowed to be free and be able to put my life to good use.

My only other hope is a King's Pardon which at the moment isn't looking too good.  I need support from someone in Government or an MP - without this I can forget it.

If I'd been from any other country within the Euro Zone my nightmare would now be nearly over.  Most return, to Holland or France for instance, and are taken to court to be sentenced according to their crime which nearly always results in a much shorter sentence or freedom.  But not for me as England does not do this - they will make me carry on with my sentence.

I though we were all the same - one big happy Euro Zone - I guess not.

Well thats the downside - I have had good things happen to me as well.  I have found my family to be solid in their support for me - I couldn't do this without them.  Seana has come back into my life after almost eigth years, we are getting to know each other all over again and are getting on very well, she is someone I would like to spend the rest of my life with.  I have had friends from years gone by get in touch and have met some great new ones through visits and mail.  I'd just like to get out and enjoy all of this.  I will keep hoping.

Thanks to you all for your support, signing my Petition, letters, e-mails and messages I receive through Facebook - it really does help and lets hope that my coming home party isn't too far away.


To Mum & John for all of your love and support from day one.

To Lee, Lloyd and Clare again for all of your love and support from day one.

To my nephew and niece who give me so much to look forward to and who keep me plodding on.

To Seana for coming back into my life and giving me so much love and support and for also giving me a future to look forward to.

To all of my friends from Spalding and Boston for their love and support.

To Kinny & Steve.

To Stevie A & family.

To Simon O.

To Rowland & Gav in Pattaya

To Angela & Gal for all their letters and support and to all who send messages and order flags - nice one Quezz you really do help me pass the time with a smile on my face.

Scott x

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