Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

July 2008

Firstly I'd like to say a big THANKS for all of your messages, e-mails and cards sent for my Birthday in June - it was a different day because of them.  Thank You.  There were too many to thank you all individually but I have been working my way through replying and have written to about 90% of you only to discover that a lot of my mail has gone missing recently, so if you were kind enough to send Birthday wishes and you have not received a reply from me I'm sorry - but please write again!

This month my first article for the Bangkok Trader has been published, something I am very proud of and if some of my old teachers were to see it I'm sure that they would see that they were wrong about me!

At the time of writing this I am looking forward to Seana visiting again in August, I am like a kid at Christmas!  My Uncle Shane and Aunty Liz will be returning in October with their daughter who I've not seen for a few years now and in November my younger brother Lloyd is coming out with a mate - he's a lucky boy, eighteen and visiting Thailand for two weeks!  Also in a few weeks the English football season starts again - thanks Shaun from South Africa for all of the fixtures including Boston!  So as you can see I have a great few months ahead with a lot to look forward to.

There is a possibility that, having served four years of my sentence next March, I will be able to be transferred to an English prison to serve the remainder of my sentence.  So I will be on countdown to sleeping in a bed and washing with hot water for the first time in four years.

There are many people who I would like to thank for their support which has got me this far.  My Facebook friends and members of the Facebook Support Group "Bring Scott Hurford Home", Cherie and Seana who run this group raising so much support and awareness.  All who have written and e-mailed me.  Everyone who has taken time out to visit me.  All who have signed my online Petition.  I could fill pages with people's names but my family who have to type it all up would not be too happy with me!  My great Mum and friend overlooks all of this with a happy smile on her face thanks to people like yourself who have shown support for me.

Take care and thank you


PS - I'd like to wish Tony and Michele a great wedding day and hope all goes well - Scott x