Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

The Visit of All Visits From a Dearest Friend

10th May 2008

As I mentioned previously I was to see a friend who I'd lost contact with for about eight years.  Seana was coming to Thailand for two weeks.

On the Monday of her first expected visit I sat waiting all day to be called to the visiting area, this was to be a big day for me which I had really been looking forward to.  I waited and waited until the time came when I knew that the visit couldn't happen.  I was gutted - not angry - as I knew that there had to be a good reason for Seana not to come as planned, she wouldn't have just not turned up.

The following day I finally got to see her, looking like I had only seen her last week!  She hadn't changed a bit.  Conversation was the same, with really good friends you are able to pick right up where you left off - even eight years later!  As I had thought there had been good reason for my not seeing her the previous day, there had been some sort of mix up with her paperwork.

I will keep this short as everyday we had the same sort of fun!

We also had two Contact Visits where we were able to sit in the same room with no glass or bars between us.  This was the biggest lift I have had in over three years after the disappointment of not having one with Mum earlier on in the year.  Seana being here made up for it a little.  I am still bitter about Mum's Contact Visits not happening but in here you have to learn to move on.

Seana and I sat catching up and talking about all she has done to try and raise awareness and support for me and I am amazed.  Thank you all who have also supported Seana.

As I have said I will keep it short, I'm sure that Seana will write her own version so will leave the detail to her.  I now have to go jogging to work off all the cheesecake she bought in for me.

Seana you are one hundred percent gold and thank you for your visit and all you are doing for me - I hope to see you again.

I'm sorry to all of you who have written to me in the last few months and have not received a reply yet.  It all got to me after Mum left and I have written very little since.  I am now back on my feet and fighting fit so will be replying to you all, I have a few of you to catch up with so it could take me a little while.  I'm so sorry for this but please understand that even I have my down times.

Thank you all for your support, letters and parcels which are greatly appreciated and a big thank you to all who have signed my online Petition, this really does mean a lot to me.


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