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A Great Friend is Coming to See Me

18th April 2008

To be honest with you all it hit me hard after my Mum and John's visit this time.  I'm not sure why, but hearing all about me nephew and neice and how they were growing up bought it home to me how much I am missing out on.  I have been down.

I am pulling myself back up now though!

Today has been great.  My cousin Paul turned up again, after nearly fifteen years of not seeing each other and now twice within five months - nice one Paul, your support and visits have been a great lift.

Also my good friend Rowland has filled the cupboards up again, doing my shopping and posting it in for me.  This saves my family the post from England, which isn't cheap.  Thank you Rowland from me and my family.

I have had two letters this week from people who have booked their flights and hotels to come and see me.  First my Uncle and Aunt, Shane & Liz, who are coming in October and my younger brother Lloyd who is coming out in November with his mates.  Thailand's a great place for lads of his age with plenty to do and lots of nightlife.  I can't wait to see them all later in the year.

But the best news and lift to my spirits has been in the shape of a lady called Seana.  I first met Seana when I was nineteen and she was working in my home town but then after a while moved back home to be closer to her family in Essex.  We kept in touch for about five years after that, meeting up once or twice a year.  We were great friends, the sort that you would do anything for in times of trouble.....I just thank the Lord that I never had to.  Then I started to come out here and Seana's life moved on as well, we lost touch for about eight years.  I have just learned that about a month ago Seana tapped my name into an internet search and came across my web site.  It came as a great shock to her to discover where I was and now, with my troubles, is flying out at tomorrow at the drop of a hat, with a friend, to see me.  What more can I say, she is a good true friend.  News from Seana and knowing that she is coming out to see me whilst the Contact Visits are happening have picked me right back up.  Thank you Seana and thank you to Seana's family and friends for their support, you've all been great and I will get around to thanking you all one by one I promise.  Seana is a great lady and has great people around her, thank you for not only the support you have shown to me but to Seana as well.

Thank you to all who have kindly written and sent in parcels, it is appreciated.  I have got behind with my correspondence since Mum and John left and I am a little snowed under at the moment but I will be replying to you all - I promise.

I will write again after Seana's visit

Thank you all


PS:  To Ty & Lilly-May

I have a small gift which I will send home with Auntie Seana for you both.  Thank you for your drawing which I have kept in a special book along with all my special things.  Hope you like the gift.  Take care, Scott x

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