Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

My letter to my MP

Written 28th Decembr 2007

Dear Mr .........

As I'm sure you are aware I'm at the moment serving 30 years in Bangkwang Central, Thailand for a drug case of importing 6.7 gms amphetamine pills (speed) a Class B drug under English law at the time of my arrest.

My Aunt, Mrs Betts, has kept me informed and sent me the reply you recieved from Mrs M Munn, Minister for Relations with Thailand at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Mr ........, I am writing to you myself as I feel you are not aware of all the facts, and I don't claim to have all the answers, but after talking to other Brit's this isn't a new problem.  One Brit who has been here for 12 years has seen Mrs Munn's reply along the same lines during all his time here.  He joked if he'd been given a year off for everytime he'd seen it he'd be a free man! 

Mr ........, I've sent as much information as I can get at the moment for you to look at, and for me it's as plain as day that it is wrong what is happening and just being swept under the carpet.  But at the moment there's a lot of paperwork flying about with no real answers comming back.  Just some of the old replies, please take time to have a look at what I've sent and if need be could you please pass it on to your friend in Justice, Mr Nick Herbert MP to look at.

I've read about the prisons being full etc. and early release, but then you'll be filling the places with people like myself, for years on end, for the crime I committed.  It's wrong.

I hope you take time to look at my web site -  I don't complain about the Thailand side of things, just the crazy way in which I will be treated on my return. 

Mr .......... on the 5th December it was the King's Birthday.  I was given cut of 1/8, for every 8 years 1 year off.  Murderers, sex offenders etc 1/5.  This as you can understand doesn't sit well with me.  But worse than that, one Brit here on "life" didn't get anything and will be going home in 18 months back to England and released within 6 months because of the Tarrif Law.  So he'll do his 8 years here, return, be released after 6 months having served 8.5 years in total.  I will have 22.5 years left to serve next year, I will have done 4 years on my return.  Serve half my sentence before parole - 11 years 6 months - less the 4 years I've done in Thailand leaves 7 years 6 months left to do.  My case is 6.7 gms Class B.  The lifer's case was over 2 kilos Class A (Heroin).  I fail to see anybody seeing this as right and why no one is willing to help put this right.

In Mrs Munn's letter she tells you and my family to contact Miss Lindsey Thompson.  I, my family, and if I was you, wouldn't bother.  I've never met her but two lads here have and sent letters, as you can read in the enclosed article written by Eric McGraw of Inside Times the national monthly newspaper for prisoners.  Everything written in the article is the same for me, but I'm 6.7 gms and Class B, so I've kept myself away from the Class A's, and the article.  I like a bet Mr ........ and I bet there isn't one person who has ever done the sort of time I'm going to do with no help. 

About Consular staff here in Bangkok, I've got things to say but at the moment my No: 1 priority is getting home and getting some justice, not nit picking at the staff out here.  It isn't going to help and to be fair my case worker has been great for visits from family, buying my stamps and bringing me cheese every 6 weeks, which I may add must  be imported from Harrod's at the price they charge!  I think this gives you some idea of the help I get from them!

Mr ........... I'm going to fight this as you can see with family and friend's support and trust me I'm going to keep fighting harder.  I would like you to be part of that fight, not just for me but for all my family and people who I know are writing to you.  I'm not a great writer but there are lads here who are, as you can see from the papers I've sent, and all of the facts apply to me but like I said I'm 6.7 gms Class B and feel this alone should get people interested about the 30 years for the crime.

Mr ........... I'm doing my time.  I don't complain, I just want to be treated fairly on my return and for this to end as soon as it can,  not just for me but my family also, and I hope with your help or advice.  As I've said, I don't make an issue of the conditions here on on my own web site, but if you are interested to know what I have to endure here, along with other Brit's, everyday then please feel free to look at my friend's web site.  Details enclosed.

Thank you for your time, again take time to read my web site and unlike Mrs Thompson trust you will take the time to reply to what I have written.  Once again thank you for your time.

Kind Regards

Scott Hurford 

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