Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Happy New Year 2008 !

Hello Everybody

Thank you all for your letters and parcels but most importantly for your support.

This Christmas wasn't too bad, I had a visit on Christmas Day from a friend Rowland and Uria.  Rowland kindly gave up his Christmas Day to bring a Christmas Hamper purchased with money donated to my "Fund Account" so thank you all!

The highlight was two great big steaks, the best meal I have had in three years - I kid you not.

I am going to write in more detail about my last year, it's been full of ups & downs which you will see when it's finished, but for the moment I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you all.

Thank you to:

Uria xxx

Mum & John

Lee, Clare and wonderful family

Dad, Lloyd, Jo & Rachel

Liz, Shane, Lissa & Chris

Les & Den

Ronnie B

Maggie, Kerry and all of your family - again I am very sorry for your loss.

Ty, Marion, Sean, Ellie & Kim

Dan, Jo & Tallulah

All of my Boston Family but especially: 

Spencer & family

Paul H - shock of the year - nice one mate!

Vonny & Phil - there for me as always

Rich & Dave and families

My good friends:

Rowland B


Gav M

Stevie D

Allison - who has gone AWOL!!

Angela x

Cherie x

Paula x

Kerrie & Ash

Marlen x

Steve A and family, Spalding

Kinny, Steve & boys

Marie and family

Nic D and family

Jim H - hope to see you soon

Nene H and all of Fenside for your support

As I have said I'm in the middle of writing about my last year and Christmas in more detail so will be updating you properly soon.

I hope you are enjoying the web site and I hope it is not too boring for you - let me know!!  I have found writing for it to be a good way of filling my time here.

Happy New Year

All of the very best


1st January 2008

PS - sorry if I have missed anyone!!

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