Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

December 2007 - Diary Extracts

Saturday 1st December

Good start this month - I have actually started this on the 1st of the month, lets hope I can keep it up! 

November was not a good month for me and it was perhaps for the best that my thoughts did not make it to paper!

In four days it is the King's 80th Birthday, I can't put into words how I am feeling about this day as it approaches.  Still I am surrounded by rumours but nobody really knows for sure what is going to happen.  After last year though I am trying hard not to get my hopes up too much but for twenty four hours a day it is lurking in the back of your mind - What If?.  Anyway it is Saturday and the highlight of the week for me - football!  Live English football with packets of cigarettes at stake!

There are a few things that happened during November though.......

My cousin Paul who I had not seen for maybe fifteen years turned up for a visit out of the blue.  Unfortunately at the same time so did a lady called Paula from Stoke-on-Trent, she was very understanding of the situation and after a few words left me and Paul to catch up.  Don't worry Paul, Paula has since written and I have replied.  Thank you both for taking the time out and what a great surprise.

A good bloke and friend Rowland came to see me and stocked me up with food.  He really is a top bloke who was one of the first people to write to me nearly two years ago.  He's a gem and he's even coming to see me on Christmas Day with a Hamper.  He also takes the time and trouble to keep in contact with my family in England - thanks Rowland - you really are one in a million and I'm sure I speak for my family as well.

Finally I have received some sad news.  I'll explain - back in October I received a letter from a great lady called Polly B.  She wrote telling me about my Great Nan Edie telling me some great stories about the days when they worked together.  I never met my Great Nan but could see my Nan Betts in her stories and it all made sense where my Nan Betts's sense of humour came from.  I replied to her kind letter.  Last week I learnt that she had sadly passed away.  This great lady was 85 years old but took the time out to tell me all about my Great Nan, she also send my family £5 to be paid into my fund account and to someone of that great age is no small thing.  I've kept Polly's letter and am having it framed with her £5 note, one day I will give it to my brother's children and show them what real human kindness is.  I send my condolences to Polly's family, you have been lucky to have had such a great lady in your lives and she will never be forgotten by me, ever, as I will be telling the story of Polly and her letter and the kindness she showed me many times over.

Sunday 2nd December

Sunday is not a good day here and if you've lost on the football it is even worse.....two packets of cigarettes....I'm gutted!

I've made a parcel for Steve's (Willcox) lad Oak for Christmas and have got all of the flags which have been ordered parcelled up ready to be sent home - to those who have ordered flags thanks and I hope that they are all OK.  The rest of the day has been spent sat in the sun thinking about what's to come in three days!  I've also pondered whether Liverpool can put two past Bolton and have decided it's worth a packet of cigarettes to say that they can!

Monday 3rd December

Liverpool beat Bolton 4-0, the only good thing about today.  No letters and no news on the big day either.

Tuesday 4th December

Had a good day today!  Uria came to see me and she's seen my website, she's really pleased with it.  I can't give her much but seeing pictures of the two of us and what I have said about her really put a smile on her face.  I also had a quick chat with Gale, one of the British ladies who visit, she's a great lady and we had a good chat.  Then when I got back from visiting I had five letters!   One from Mum and John with photo's of my nephew and niece at Santa's Grotto - that put a big smile on my face.  Then three from Stevie A's family - I think they wanted to make sure I got at least one wishing me luck for the King's Birthday Amnesty - I got all three, nice one!  Also had a letter from Marlen from Sweden who's back packing for a year.  Good Luck Marlen and stay safe.  So a good day all round and tomorrow is the big one!!

Wednesday 5th December

Well after months of talking and thinking non-stop about this day nothing has happened.  NO CUT!  I can't tell you how this feels or what it is going to do to Uria and everyone back home.  There's now talk of it coming in the morning but I'm all washed up - not only for me but for Uria, my family and friends.  Uria's face yesterday was full of hope and we were talking about the future being that step closer.  I don't think people fully understand just how much she cares and loves me, this is going to hurt her and my Mum the most and that in itself hurts me - more crap I've put on them and at Christmas of all times.  Myself I am just numb and can't understand any of it.  So as it stands I've served two years and ten moths, which only leaves twenty seven years and two months - it is not a joke though and right this minute it's hard to see an end to this.  But I've got to go with the morning theory for one more day!

Thursday 6th December

The guard came on the tannoy telling us that there has been an Amnesty granted but the finer details have not been sorted out yet!  100% he said!  This is the way things work here, it's all about keeping you hanging on.  Once there was an Amnesty expected but it didn't happen, there was a riot leaving twenty-five dead!!  So they like to try and calm the situation without telling us too much!

Friday 7th December

I've given up on the Amnesty but still people are saying next week even though there has been nothing on the radio or News.  It's still guessing games by everybody.  But one good thing - news has finally got through from home that my web site is up and running.  I was already aware of this from Uria but to hear it from my family and their relief after all of the waiting and false starts was great.  Even my Uncle Shane said that it looked good - now that is something for him to come in from his garden to take a look!  But all of mine and my family's hard work is now coming together for people to see which is great.  Nice one all of you.  For me it has been easy - I have time on my hands but my family all work full-time and have somehow found the time to do this.  I hope you all enjoy reading it and getting to know me better - let me know if it's good or bad - it'll be a while before I get to see it!  There's still next week for the Amnesty!!

Saturday 8th December

Not much happening today.  Did a bit of jogging and topped up the tan!  I then picked my teams for the football but have got the Ricky Hatton fight to look forward to in the morning.

Sunday 9th December

Had a great morning watching the fight with the building. Gutted for Rick Hatton and the packed of cigarettes lost!

Tuesday 11th December

It was announced this morning that those on a Drugs sentence had received an eighth reduction in their sentence - elated!!!  A quick calculation and I have received a three year and six month reduction to my sentence.  This feeling of elation was short lived though when it was announced that those serving sentences for ALL other crimes had received a fifth.

No more to be said really - I'll let you do the sums!

Can't write any more at the moment I'm so angry and hurt inside.

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