Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Diary Extracts - October 2007

Wednesday 19th September

Not too bad a day today.  I received a letter from a lady called Marie today, it was great to hear from her.  Marie visited me for about three months when she was living in Bangkok.  She really helped me out with food etc.  It was always lovely to see her for a chat.  She would also send my family an e-mail letting them know how I was,  When Mum & Aunty Les visited in February she took very good care of them.  I was very proud of Mum & Aunty Les when they were here as they wanted to send in parcels for all of the British lads in here, Marie kindly parcelled everything up for them and posted them in making sure that every lad got one.  Mum and Aunty Les took her and her daughter out for a meal as a small thank you for all that she has done for me.  Marie and her family have now moved to Italy and I really miss her visits, she was pure gold!  Thank you Marie and I hope that Italy works out for you all.  xx

Have also received newspapers from Gav, he's been sending them in for more than a year now - top bloke!  

Friday 21st September

Today I got a letter from Vonny & Phil with photo's of my Nan and Grandad Hurford - I was well pleased.  I've been very lucky, I've had great Grand Parents on each side of my family.

Angela sent an e-mail via Steve's web site - I keep saying it but I'm really going to miss him when he returns to the UK.

I re-opened my burger stall today - no money!  F**king Everton lost last night!  I sold 20 and have lots of orders for the morning.

Monday 24th September

Today I got a letter from Liz reminding me about something that happened on our 'Barmy Family Holiday' to Bulgaria some years ago - Liz it put a great big smile on my face too!

Tuesday 25th September

Brilliant day!  Got a letter from Mum today really giving me a lift.  She told me all about my nephew and niece which is always good to hear about.  She writes every week.  Also got a letter from Angela, a Pen Pal, she had sent a photograph and looks very nice, she always gives me a lift as well.

Wednesday 26th September

No mail today but got a visit from a lad who is back packing for a year.  Ben C. a really nice bloke.  I enjoyed your visit and I will make sure you are kept updated.  Thanks for the cookies - great with coffee!

Thursday 27th September

Had a great visit with Uria today, she has been home to see her Mum who's been sick.  It has done me good to see her.  I have also seen someone from the Embassy, it has been bothering me that there are two other Brit's here who receive very little support and don't get parcels sent to them, they often go hungry as they have no food.  They are in a different building to me so I can't help them.  I have asked if money can be paid into their prison accounts by the Embassy for me - it would be good if I could raise enough from the flag sales to give them money for Christmas.  He said that it would not be a problem - just got to sell some flags now!

Friday 28th September

Another weekend about to start.  I got a letter from Rowland today with some stamps - thanks mate!  Have written to Mum.

Tuesday 2nd October

Had a visit from Del who is in Thailand at the moment - my brother asked him to call if he got chance - he's a great bloke and I really enjoyed his visit.  My brother knows how to lift me up!  I have found out today about all of the work one of my Pen Pals has been doing to raise awareness about me and my petition - thank you Cherie you are a great person!

Friday 5th October

I've got lots of stories running around in my head but I have to be in the mood to write - then when I do I write at 100 mph! 

Monday 8th October

I have finished writing about me and Uria.  I've also had a letter from people who visited last year and are coming back this year - really looking forward to seeing them again!

Only two weeks and Dad and Lloyd will be here.

Wrote to Mum

Tuesday 9th October 

Got a letter from an old mate from Spalding - Steve A. - he is one of a few who have never forgotten about me.

Sunday 14th October

I am going to get all of this in the post on Monday. 

England play today and if I'd been outside there is a fair chance that I'd have been there.

Have received a letter from Nene, we were at school together when we were about five years old.  It means a lot to me that she has taken the time to write and I hope to hear from her again soon.

Tuesday 16th October

It's started to dawn on me that Steve (Willcox) will be transferred to the UK soon.  Having Steve here has been like having one of my family with me.  I've become a better person just for knowing him, he's taught me to think before I do something, to slow down and not think too much about things I can't change.  As for letter writing and writing about my life - I wouldn't have been able to have done it without his encouragement.  So he will be leaving something good in Thailand - ME!

My training has gone down the pan so my hopes now are to train for more than two weeks at a time and to get into my writing!

Football tonight so I will go and write my betting slip!

Love to all x

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