Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Uria and Me

I have known Uria for more than three and a half years, two and a half of those whilst I have been in prison.  I met Uria in Thailand and she came to live with me in Battembong, Cambodia.

Uria & Me - February 2005

When I was arrested she was as shocked as anyone.  I had told her that I was going to Bangkok for the day.  The next she knew was when she received a phone call from the police at the checkpoint informing her of my arrest and the reason for it.  She had never seen me take drugs so you can imagine her shock.

At this point it would have been easy for her to just walk away from the whole thing.  She had never been in trouble with the police in her life.  She didn't though and as I write about my life you will see that she has stayed true to me.  Firstly she moved to Sa Kaeo when I was held in prison there.  She bought me food five days a week, there was no British Ladies club there!  As one of my visitors there, Glen, said "in the early days she maybe saved you're life by bringing food and showing a lot of love and hope"

Mum, Uria, Uncle Den & Aunty Les - Sa Kaeo 2005

After my trial I was moved from Sa Kaeo Prison to Rayong Prison.  Uria moved as well, again having no family or friends around her and having to start from scratch.  Again she visited me five days a week with food.  This was made possible by my family's support for the both of us.

Dad & Uria - Rayong 2006

Now I am in Bangkwang, which is on the outskirts of Bangkok, and not a place to live on your own.  Uria still lives in Rayong and now has a full time job.  She gets two days off a month and spends both of them visiting me, catching the bus at 5.30am. 

We are still very happy but like every other couple have our ups and downs but I am going to be away for a long time and know that things can change.  She has seen me more than anyone through this and has gone through many ups and downs but never stops caring for me.

Two and a half years on and we're still like kids with love letters and visits - it's not only me doing time, she is as well.

Uncle Shane & Uria - Bangkok 2006

Uria has now met many members of my family when they have visited me.  She enjoyed Uncle Shane's visit and can't wait until he returns with my cousin Sean, she can't wait to meet him!  But it's great that all members of my family get on well with her. 

I really do hope that we cross the finishing line together.

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