Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Happy Birthday to His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand

On the 5th December 2007 it will be His Majesty's Birthday.  He will be 80 years old and here in Thailand it will be a great event and hopefully for me also.

At the moment I have only two ways out of this mess.  One being a Royal Pardon for which I am trying to get support for.  The second way is by Royal Amnesty which I can only hope for.  No one will know until the 5th December for sure what will be granted if anything at all.

Last year His Majesty was celebrating being on the throne for 60 years.  A Royal Amnesty of some sort was given to everyone in prison except those serving a sentence for a drugs offence whose case had not been closed for two years.  I missed out.  A murderer, rapist or peodophile was granted something as long as their case was closed.  This was hard to get my head around.

I can not put into words how difficult this summer has been being surrounded by people who have been charged with these crimes all happy with their reduction in sentence whilst I did not get a single day!

At the moment everything is rumours that this year it will be the same for everyone.  As the date gets closer my heart beats faster, it would be a great Christmas present for all of my family - even if it is only a little.  As I have said I will be more than happy with any reduction in my sentence - everyday counts.  As it stands today I'm two years and seven months into my sentence so only have twenty-seven years and five months to serve.  But if I were to receive an Amnesty, and it's not 100% sure, it will also give me a better idea of my remaining sentence to be served.

My brother always tells me not to build my hopes up too much because he knows it's going to hurt if I don't get anything.  I try and listen but it's not as easy as that.  I just want, more than anything, to give my Mum and family a Happy Christmas and hope that we can all start to see my thirty year sentence coming down!

So like me, wish His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej a Happy 80th Birthday and keep your fingers crossed.

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