Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Now that Scott has returned to the UK he is unable to help those in Bangkwang to raise money by selling flags and banners for them.  He has asked though that this remains on his web site so that you are able to see how many try and support themselves whilst serving their sentence.

Flags and Banners Made to Order


Scott receives financial support from family and friends - he will be the first one to tell you that he is one of the lucky ones imprisoned in Bangkwang.

There are many prisoners there who receive no financial support what so ever - they have to do what they can to survive.  They have their pride and many of them are very enterprising and offer services such as cook, barber, dentist, cleaner etc. in return for food, medication etc.  There is a group of Thai inmates who manufacture flags/banners and sell them to raise money.  As you can imagine they are somewhat restricted when it comes to 'retail outlets'.

Scott has said that he will try and help by letting you know about them, he will act as translator for your order and oversee production.  He will also package and get them posted to the UK.


He is also hoping to raise money for two other Brit's who are less fortunate than him but are in another building so he is unable to share things directly with them.  The conditions they live in have damaged their minds and they receive very little financial support, Scott knows that one of them in particular often goes for days without food.  He has spoken to someone at the British Embassy who will arrange for funds raised to be deposited into their prison accounts and will hopefully make their lives a little easier.


The flags/banners can be made in either portrait or landscape with the long side measuring approximately 143cm and the short side approximately 107cm.

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