Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Write to Your MP

Scott has asked that as many people as possible write to their MP asking the following questions:

Why do the British Government allow prisoners who transfer from Thailand with a life tarrif then have their tarrif set according to UK case law on their return to this country, whilst those with a determinate sentence (fixed amount of years as set by Thai law) continue to have their sentences enforced.

This situation results in them serving a longer sentence on their return than someone who had been given a life sentence.  Surely someone with a life sentence will have committed a more serious crime than someone with a determinate sentence.

On return to the UK why should the determinate sentenced prisoner not have the same benefit of having their sentence fixed according to UK case law as someone with a life sentence would have?

Also ask why the British Government do not offer support to those imprisoned in Thailand in their application for a Royal Pardon.  The only way such an application have any hope of being successful is with some sort of backing from the applicant's Government but this is continually refused by the British Government.  This is by no way a means of the prisoner getting "off lightly" when it comes to the length of their sentence served, to get to the stage where they are able to submit an application can take years with a further wait of approximately four years before it reaches HM King Bhumipol of Thailand.  Most other countries in the world offer this support including other European and Common Wealth countries, why not the United Kingdom?

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