Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Summer 2007

Hello everybody

I'd like to say thank you for all your letters and parcels - nice one.  I now have a steady flow of letters from people which is great.

The last six months have been OK.  I've seen my Mum and Aunty Les and also my brother, his wife, my nephew and for the first time my new niece.  The only down side to this visit was that I didn't get to hold her for the first time as we were not allowed a Contact Visit!  But they have all been great visits.  My Dad and Lloyd are coming out in October and I'm really looking forward to that.

This next three months are going to be very important to me, it's the King of Thailand's birthday and he will be giving an amnesty.  How big or small nobody knows.  On the last one I didn't get anything and that is a bad feeling - trust me!  But fingers crossed for this one, my Mum needs a happy Christmas and this is the best present I can give her.

I have enjoyed all of your letters so please keep it up - trust me it makes a big difference.

I've got many people to say thanks to:

Mum & John

Lee, Clare and wonderful family

Dad, Joanne, Rachel and Lloyd

Liz & Shane

Chris & Lissa

Lesley & Dennis

Dan, Jo & Tallulah

Ronnie B

Rowland - thanks for your visits

Sean B - the No: 1 letter writer who can bring a smile which lasts me days!!

Nicola and your family for signing my Petition, Ronnie you've got a Vodka on me one day!

Maggie & Kerry - for being a great friend to my Mum and thanks for all of your letters.

Polly B for your kind letter and to the B family as a whole.

Donna & Sarah - nice one!

Blue Order - Gavin M & Stevie D - two very sound blokes - thank you

Bar owner in Pattaya - thank you for sending in Newspapers

My Boston family - Jason, Spencer, Sharon & Dave, Vonny & Phil, Les, Mark & Emma and Tracey

My Pen-Pals - Marlen, kerry & Ash, Cherie and Angela

And to you all who have signed my petition - Thank You


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