Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Family & Friends Update - July 2007

A new Governor has recently been appointed at Bangkwang Prison.  One of the changes he has made has been to severly restrict visitors going in to see the prisoners.  People who have been visiting Scott on a regular basis since he has been there are now not always allowed to see him.  Family travelling from England to see him will also have their visits restricted.  As you can imagine this is having an adverse effect on Scott's morale, he looked forward to and appreciated people visiting and some were kindly taking him things to keep him going and reporting back to his family how he was. 

We are hoping that this situation is a temporary one. 

Despite the harsher conditions and a recent bout of dysentery Scott is well and trying hard to remain positive.

He thanks you for your continued support which makes all the difference to his life.

Thank you

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