Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Scott's Family

Scott is an integral member of a large extended family.  The news of his arrest and the distinct possibility of him being handed the death penalty at his trial came as an enormous shock to us all.

When we heard the news we all felt many emotions, anger at Scott for his actions, confusion and disbelief as to how he came to be in this situation, immense frustration at the time it takes to obtain information and to communicate with him, horror as we began on our steep learning curve with regards to the conditions he would now be living in and an almost indescribable sadness, almost like a bereavement, when it started to dawn on many of us that in our lifetime there was a possibility that we would not live to see him a free man again.  We would not be attending his wedding or witness him becoming a father.  For how long will we remain healthy enough to endure a 13 hour flight to visit him and as we enter retirement will our finances stretch that far?  The life and soul of every family gathering is sorely missed, we too have been handed a 30 year sentence.

As a family we closed ranks and did not discuss what was happening with anyone.  Many people will not understand our silence - we have often heard it said that in our situation others would be shouting loud and raising awareness of Scott's situation etc.  Our main concern at that time was keeping Scott fed and well and supporting those closest to him.

For us the only way we were able to try and come to terms with the reality of Scott's imprisonment was to pull together as a family.

Whatever the events were leading up to Scott's arrest we do not condone what he did, nor do we say that he does not deserve punishment for his actions.  As we have said our main concern is keeping Scott alive and well, his morale as high as we possibly can and do anything we posibly can to have his sentence reduced - 30 years in a Thai prison is too harsh a sentence for the crime he committed.

Although at this time we are not able to divulge every scrap of information regarding Scott's arrest and the events leading up to it we will, along with Scott, be as honest as we are able.

Whilst remaining silent we have read articles in the media and many discussions on various BLOG sites on the internet regarding Scott and his arrest.  All have been written by people who do not know or have ever met Scott and 99% of the comments made have been based on assumption - unfortunately the wrong assumption.  Although we respect their views and opinions if any of these people had known anything about Scott's life, character and personality they may have thought differently.

We hope that by getting to know Scott and understand him a little better you will feel able to support him someway in his uncertain future.

If you do not feel that this will be possible we thank you for taking the time to read this far.  We know that you will have at least made your decision knowing more about Scott.

If you are able to support Scott, in whatever way, please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

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