Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Family & Friends Update - August 2006

I write to let you know how Scott is getting on and what to do if you would like to help him.

By now you will be aware that Scott received a 30 year sentence for a drug offence in Thailand.   He is currently serving his sentence in Rayong Central Prison near Pattaya, Thailand.  He has asked to be moved to Bangkok, due to the fact that there are hardly any English speaking people in the prison.  Also facilities are a little better in Bangkok with a chance of receiving more visits.

He is looking well and reports from the British Embassy in Bangkok, who visit him once a month, are that he is OK.

Scott has a Thai girlfriend, Uria, who visits him everyday.  Uria has been with Scott for many years and has been there for Scott since the day he was arrested, helping him through the early days when he was really low.  Uria makes sure he receives his daily intake of English food, he never liked Thai food at the best of times, but when he moves to Bangkok she will not be allowed to visit him everyday.

The last letter I received from Scott he had just caught his first rat but had been unable to eat it!  He still has his sense of humour.  But this was no joke, once a month about 20 of them get together and catch rats for the barbeque.  Scott is lucky, he has great support from family and friends, but many of the inmates don't and this is meat to them!

The only thing he would like is more letters, books and postage stamps (new & used) as they act as bargaining chips between the inmates in the prison.  Remember that all of Scott's mail is vetted by prison staff.  Do not send anything valuable through the post, especially money.  There are people visiting Scott throughout the year, the next person will be going about 12th September, so if you want to pass anything onto Scott let me have it before then - i.e: letters & parcels - and I will give them to Leigh who lives in Thailand and will be returning after a holiday in the UK.  After that the next planned visit is the begining of October.

Scott's trial was in March 2006 and it has taken until now for things to settle down.  It has been hard to come to terms with what has happened.  However, Scott is finally adjusting to the way of life he leads and is now willing to hear from people and accept visits from friends.

The main question people ask is when will he be out.  To be honest, nobody knows but it is going to take a long time.  We are going to apply for a Royal Pardon from the King of Thailand but these are a very complex thing and there are many more in the queue before Scott.  It will be years before Scott will even be considered for a Pardon.  All we can do is try and make life as comfortable as posible for Scott and offer our support to him as it really means a lot to him.  He accepts that he has done wrong but feels that he does not deserve such a sentence.

I hope this has bought you up to date with Scott's case.

I personally would like to thank Leigh and Neil for visiting Scott, along with everyone else who has visited and written letters to him.  He really loves his letters and likes to know what is going on, it may seem boring to us but it takes his mind off the boredom of prison life for a while.  Jeff at the British Embassy has been very helpful.