Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

March 2006


After your call on Sunday evening with your concerns for your brother I contacted the British Embassy on Monday morning for a visiting order for Wednesday 8th.

I drove from Pattaya with my wife up to the prison which took me half an hour.  When we arrived we handed in the information from the Embassy and we were escorted into a small room.  Your brother was already sat there with a big smile on his face.  He shook my hand and seemed very cheerful.

He told me what had happened and was very sorry for the trouble he has caused his family but he has a positive outlook on his time here.  The prison, he informed me, was only one year old and had 4,000 inmates which were 99% Thai.  He is the only Westerner with a few Chinese who speak a little English with who he is becomming friends with already.  He had met the Governor of the prison and was told that he must do something during the day and not just sit and read so he has joined the gym and boxing club to keep fit.

What he wanted to say to you and your Mum before they took him away was "don't worry, I will be coming home one day, time will soon pass"

He is taking his vitamin tablets and has lots of food.  I spoke to the guy on the main desk and he has told me I can take in any food I want for Scott and his request was for a cheese-burger so I will pop into Burger King before I visit next Wednesday.  When I go I get special treatment for a small room so he can give his girlfriend a hug and kiss through the bars.

I have asked him if he needs anything - shorts, food etc. but he assures me he is fine, just a cheese-burger and The News of the World and sometimes he said he would like a Boston Standard and Target just to keep an eye on what's happening back home.

Catch you soon