Scott's Life in Bangkwang Prison - Thailand

Scott was arrested on 19th March 2005 as he crossed the boarder from Cambodia into Thailand.  The boarder guards were waiting for him.  He was carrying 250 amphetamine pills with a street value of £130.00, a quantity which could be fitted into his jeans front pocket.  At his trial on 1st March 2006 he was first sentenced to Death but due to him pleading guilty to the charge the court reduced the sentence to thirty years imprisonment.

Scott took the wrong path in life, he is the first person to admit that his actions were extremely foolish and that he did wrong, he also accepts that he deserves punishment, but feels that thirty years for the crime he committed is too harsh.  Scott's only hope of having his sentence reduced is by applying to HM King Bhumipol of Thailand for a Royal Pardon.  This process takes some years to compile and once submitted will take approximately four years to reach His Majesty for consideration, by which time Scott will possibly have served in excess of eight years in a Thai prison.  There is no guarentee that his application will be successfull but Scott is determined to try.

Before Scott can submit his application he requires support.  He needs at least 1,000 signatures of support on his online Petition backing his application for a Royal Pardon.  Please read Scott's story .....


Hello and Welcome

I took drugs across the Thai/Cambodia boarder to pay off a £600 gambling debt.  The bloke that gave me the 250 pills then informed the police that I was coming across the boarder into Thailand from Cambodia, where I was living.

I know that many people will not believe that I was so stupid, but we all make mistakes!  Mine is costing me 30 years.

I could have rung home for the money, however I didn't as my brother was getting married in a few weeks and had lots to sort out without my problems as well.  It was to be one easy job.

The police say that I put my hands up to selling in Pattaya, this is not true and at no time did I make a statement or sign anything.  But in Thailand that does not matter!

At the moment I am unable to go into any more detail about my arrest.  One day I will be able to tell you everything, please understand.

There are already some stories about my life here on my site.  Anyone who knows me knows that school was not one of my strongest points - just ask the teachers!  It takes a lot of time and effort to get my thoughts onto paper so please tell me what you like or don't like.  I try to give as much detail as I can but there's a lot I can't write about at the moment, but one day - I hope!

It takes a lot of time to get your head around living like this but once you do it starts to become easier.  I see a lot of happy, sad and downright out of order things, but this isn't the time.  I am hoping that by writing a little you will get to know me and where I am coming from.  I hope that you will feel able to sign my Petition showing your support for my application for a King's Pardon - this is my only chance of having my 30 year sentence reduced. 

In time I plan to tell you more about my life in Cambodia and England.  I am just a normal lad who enjoyed travelling to England football games, both home and abroad, and travel in general.  In time I will open up more and you will see that the 30 year sentence is not only being served by me but my amazing family as well.  It's too long!  So please sign my petition, tell your friends about it as well and your letters are a great lift to my life here.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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